Our sausage and ham variety comes from our own butchery. It is directly on the Martinshof in St.Wendel, where our calves grow and the milk goats live. Every day 6 butchers produce over 90 varieties from Lyoner to air-dried ham. Except a few specialties, all according to the strict Bioland guidelines.

Get a surprise box every week with what the Martinshof butcher's shop has to offer.

VARIETIES:      sausage box
SIZES:    small, large


Organic cheese is made with lots of love and mind. It is still produced in small manufaturies, as in the Bioland cheese factory on the Martinshof. You will taste the difference. Get delivered a personal surprise every week. The selection is great from mild fresh to spicy hard cheese. And if you don't like e.g. Munster cheese just let us know- we pack each box individually.

VARIETIES:      cheese box
SIZES:    small, medium, large


An oven-fresh bread made of good organic ingredients? You can only get it here! And with a bread subscription we deliver a different variety every week.
This is how you get to know the large assortment of the Bioland bakery Olk from St.Ingbert.



VARIETIES:      1 or 2 breads