What can I do if certain functions in the order process do not work?

It may well be that some functions in the new shop do not yet work smoothly. In most cases this is due to the Internet browser you are using. Please make sure that you update your browser regularly. What can also help is to clear your Internet cache. To do this, please press the keys ctrl+shift+entf at the same time. Thereupon an input mask appears, on which you set please a checkmark with "Cache" and press on delete. Afterwards you have to reload the page with the key "F5". -> Instructions for deleting the Internet cache. In case of problems you can of course also call us at 0685690060 at any time.

Organic box?! Are these the green boxes of fruit and vegetables that are outside the door every week...?

In fact, we not only have fresh organic fruit and vegetables in our range, but also offer you an extensive organic assortment. You have the full choice. You can put together your own individual crates as if you were shopping at the market or supermarket. But you can also easily and conveniently get organic boxes, the contents of which we have planned for you. And of course you can also combine all this. And the delivery rhythm also adapts to your life: weekly, every 14 days or whenever you feel like healthy and crunchy fresh organic food. If you are enthusiastic about our planned organic boxes, you can get them regularly. Like a subscription, only without obligation and without contract..

Where does the fruit and vegetables in my box come from? 

For more than 30 years we have been working together with organic farmers from the region, whom we know personally. We receive fresh food every day from recognised organic producers at home and abroad that we grow only temporarily or not at all. With us you as our customer can have a good feeling.

Am I bound by a contract with you?

No, you are not bound by any contract with us. You can cancel your order or cancel your subscription at any time and informally until 7.00 a.m. on the day before your delivery..

What happens when I'm on vacation?

You can enter holiday times at any time. Simply log in to your customer account, enter a delivery break or contact our friendly customer service and decide for yourself how long your organic crate should take a break.  

Are there any delivery charges and is there a minimum order value?

We offer you a special service. Martinshof products are freshly manufactured and packaged for you almost daily. Your order arrives at your home on time and chilled. And all this from a minimum order value of 25 €. On request, the drivers will repack your products in refrigerated crates and take your empties back with them. For this we need a delivery cost share of 4.95 € in Germany and 6.95 € in Luxembourg. From 79 € we deliver free of charge.   

I don't like kale. 
Can you always remove certain foods from my box?

No problem. A short message to us is enough and we will note in your account that products you do not like will not be packed in your box. Either we exchange these items automatically for you or you tell us with which products we should replace. 

Can I assemble my crate myself?

Of course you can assemble your own crate. From a minimum order value of 25 € we supply you completely according to your wishes. We have not only tasty organic fruit and vegetables, but also many other great products in the highest organic quality..

Do I have to be at home for the delivery?

No, you don't have to be home when we get there. Before we deliver the first organic crate, we will ask you for a sheltered place where our drivers can park your crate. 

What are the parking options?

It could be your garden shed, your terrace, a corner in the garage or just a box in front of your front door. The box needs a space of about 30x40x30 cm. In summer it is advisable to provide a cool box. Our drivers are happy to clear the goods. In winter already a blanket can help, in summer a shady cover can help to protect the crisp, fresh bio box.

Would you rather talk to us in person?!

Our friendly customer service will be happy to answer your questions patiently and competently 

all questions about your organic crate

Monday to Thursday our customer service is personally available for you from 08.00 - 12.00 o'clock as well as 13.00 - 16.00 o'clock and Fridays from 08.00 - 14.00 o'clock. Before, after and when everyone is in conversation, our answering machine will answer your call.
Write to us!
Either by e-mail to bestellung@martinshof.de or send us a letter to 

Martinshof BioBus GmbH, In der Brombach 66606 St. Wendel-Osterbrücken, Germany.