Not only the products that we manufacture for you and deliver to your home personally, but also our delivery service is "bio" controlled.

For example, we consciously refrain from the sale of air freight. And we only offer you products that originate from controlled organic production. This and much more is regularly controlled by a neutral body.

So that you as a customer have a good feeling.

And every year we proudly present our current organic certificate!



Regionality is not a fashionable term for us. For more than 30 years we have been working together with organic farmers, organic gardeners, organic beekeepers, organic bakers and organic winegrowers from our region. 

Like us, many of them are pioneers in organic agriculture. From apples to goat's milk, we are a reliable customer for our organic colleagues and bring their great products to our customers. The more we "get out there", the more they convert their land to organic farming. This benefits all of us.


Bioland is the leading organic farming association in Germany. The way Bioland farms are run is based on a circular economy - without synthetic pesticides and easily soluble nitrogen fertilizers.

The animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner and the food is processed gently. This enables environmentally friendly and sustainable food production.

Demeter stands for biodynamic products based on the teachings of Rudolf Steiner. The soil fertility in biodynamic agriculture is sustainably promoted and the characteristic aroma of the food fully developed by self-produced, subtle preparations from manure, medicinal plants and minerals.

Naturland promotes organic farming worldwide and, with over 46,000 farmers, is one of the largest organic farming associations. As a future-oriented association, ecological competence and social responsibility belong together for Naturland. Naturland farmers and processors work to the highest ecological standards, which are stricter than those of the organic label. They produce high-quality food without genetic engineering - to protect the environment and consumers. Naturland is committed far beyond food production, e.g. in the areas of ecological forest use, textile production and cosmetics.