Our tip for the operation of the new shop:

Register in the new shop only once with your access data and then stay registered. This has the advantage that you are automatically logged in to your account every time you visit our shop and can browse our organic range directly! You can tell whether you are logged in by the fact that the male in the upper right corner has a hat on.


Frequently asked questions by our customers:

The registration does not work immediately. What can I do?

Before you log in to the new shop for the first time, please delete the history, cache and your cookies under the settings in the Windows browser with the key combination: Ctrl + Shift (via Ctrl) + Del. Then please enter your e-mail address or your customer number and then your password. 

It is not possible to change from piece to kilo / I cannot cancel my box / I cannot make any changes to my order. What can I do?

Also in these cases the deletion of the history, the cache and the cookies usually helps. Follow the instructions above. You should also check whether you are using the latest version of your Internet browser, as older versions no longer fully support our shop.

If I click in your reminder email on the link "To order in the online shop", the message "Do you really want to unsubscribe?" appears after opening the page. What can I do?

There is indeed a technical error here, which we will correct as quickly as possible. You can ignore this message and simply access your shopping cart via the menu.

Do you have questions about your purchase?

Then please contact Mrs. Anni Schaadt. She will be happy to answer all your questions patiently and competently.

06856 9006-44