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We deliver fresh organic food to your front door - and have been doing since 1986.

Good reasons to order:

Who doesn't know the question "what am I cooking today"? 
With our cooking packages we want to simplify the decision 
No dragging, no queuing. We supply you with fresh organic food, chilled and comfortably to your front door.
Right at the farm we produce fresh dairy products from our own Martinshof goat's milk or from cow's milk from our neighbouring Bioland colleague. 
Many years of experience in the production of organic sausages and the processing of exclusively organic meat guarantees you the best meat enjoyment from our own butchery. 
Trial Offer 5 + 1:  
Order 6 boxes - only pay for 5.  Free delivery - you save at least 23.70€. Isn't that tempting?
Regionality is not a buzzword for us. Many products are homemade in our Martinshof cheese dairy and butchery.
We are organic farmers at heart. Dipl.ing.int.agr. Gerhard Kempf with young farmer Martin Stoll. Great emphasis is put on the circular economy.
Monika Kempf drove the first organic bus through Saarland back in 1989. We have almost 35 years of experience in organic food delivery service.

And it's that simple:

1. Choose
Choose your organic crate from our online shop or compile your individual contents from our organic range.
2. Order
We supply you from an order value of 25 €. Your customer account is quickly created in just a few steps and without any contractual obligations.
3. Delivering
We will deliver your assembled crate to you personally or to a location agreed with us. At your first order we ask a deposit of 20€ for the box. Payment is made conveniently by direct debit. 
4. Enjoy!
No queuing, no dragging... Enjoy 100% organic quality with the certainty of doing something good for you and the environment.

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Choose individually from our range of fruit & vegetables, bread, dairy products as well as meat and sausage products. Have your crate delivered to your home from 25 euros.

We look forward to seeing you:

Our chiefs Monika and Gerhard Kempf
These drivers personally deliver to you
Our goats and cows in harmony with nature
With us the boss still tackles himself...
We pack for you!
Our butchers
125 ha of agricultural land

Organic at its best!

Culinary offers for a carefree football evening. So that you can make yourself comfortable at home or with friends
Fresh and new from our own farm cheese dairy: Monie's cream cheese with cress. An airy, creamy cream cheese preparation with tangy cress, tangy lemon and black pepper.  Now on offer!
Now on offer again! Our barbecue meat package with barbecue sausage and meat for summer garden parties. All ingredients from our own farm butchery and made from the best Bioland meat.
Regional vegetables from Bioland cultivation - freshly harvested, with all 
the vitamins and without unnecessary packaging waste.  
Try our fresh seaweed ‘Laitue de mer’, with its distinct, herbaceous flavour that is peppery and reminiscent of sorrel. Delicious with prawns, pasta or in a salad.
For all those who have already set up their barbecue. The best barbecue meat for on the barbecue - and certified organic charcoal for under the barbecue.
What our boss, Gerhard Kempf, built up 40 years ago is being continued by our young farmer Martin Stoll. Not only our goats are enthusiastic.
Are you satisfied with our delivery service and enthusiastic about our organic products? Then refer a friend. And choose a gift in return.
Start the gardening season!   Whether peat-free potting soil, sowing soil or demeter seeds for the garden and balcony.    Choose now! 
An ideal gift! A flowering meadow sponsorship with which you protect 
our environment, nature and wildlife. Already from 25,-€ / year.

Products of the week 17.06.-21.06.

June offer

That speaks for us:

No dragging, no queuing. We supply you with fresh organic food, chilled and comfortably to your front door..
Regionality is not a buzzword for us. We work together with numerous organic farmers from our region.
We supply you exclusively with products that originate from controlled organic production.
Animals, people and natural foods are particularly close to our hearts.
Transparency is a top priority for us.
We have more than 30 years of experience in organic food delivery service.
Look forward to a comprehensive and friendly customer service.